Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LEGO: Vampire Bride

I used to adore LEGO when I was a kid. Honestly, who didn't? Their "fun-factor" was irresistible, even for the most stubborn and malcontent little brat. I'll even confess to still having a few scattered LEGO minifigures decorating one or two of the nooks in my office. Though I must say, my inner girl scout shrieked with delight when I saw this...

Vampire Bride
The Vampire Bride is available in LEGO Set# 10228 Monster Fighters Haunted House.

I should mention, however, that Firestar Toys is among one of the best places online to shop for official and custom LEGO minifigures, as well as enough random pieces and bits to bit and piece together a little LEGO version of pretty much anyone you know.

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