Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starlight Aries: March 21 ~ April 20

Any true Aries can take over a room the moment they step foot into it. The Universe will not allow them to be casually ignored, and they know it!

As the first sign in the Zodiacal year, it is often said that an Aries is symbolic of bright, bold, new beginnings, and are frequently dubbed, "natural born leaders". After all, they've been granted many potent qualities that would make them ideal for that role.

Powerful, impulsive, and fearlessly adventurous, they can easily draw many followers to their cause, and often do. They are eternal lovers of personal and social freedom, embracing new ideas and challenges with great fervor and passion. Then, with equal fervor and passion, they willingly step into the front lines defending and advancing those ideals. Only the brave or foolish dare get in their way!

Though some Aries can, at times, seem self-centered and over-concerned with their own personal advancement or physical satisfaction, don't be fooled! At their core, they will always remain fierce humanists who never fail to show intolerance to perceived insults, injuries or injustices. They are direct, frank and candid friends, though ironically some of them can also be quick-tempered and easily offended

The fiery Aries also possess a roaring sex drive, and their need for a satisfying physical relationship can be very overbearing.Their passions and hungers need to be fed often and quite vigorously. Only lovers with a high endurance need apply. Yet despite their often restless and occasionally argumentative natures, a typical Aries can be an extremely devoted friend, lover or parent who would readily lay down their life in name of love.