Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Starlight Taurus: April 21 ~ May 21

Taureans are infamous for being stable, balanced, and peace-loving individuals who value home and hearth above almost anything else. They thrive in predictable environments and reliable patterns or daily routines. More often than not, they will offer rigid resistance to any and all unexpected changes. If it's not broken, then don't fix it... just leave it alone.

Taureans are dependable and very prudent human beings with a great love of art, music, and of all beautiful things. They have a deep, almost instinctual attraction towards the good things in life: pleasure, comfort, luxury, good company, good food and wine. It is not uncommon to discover that many Taureans have a strong aesthetic taste, alongside an equally strong creative or industrious streak. Taureans have an enormous respect for money and property (their own or that of others). So much so, that some they may be erroneously accused of being materialistic or covetous. In truth, they simply honor the honest effort behind the achievement more than the trophy.

Most Taureans can be faithful home-loving spouses and kind, fair-handed parents, who demand too much of neither their spouses or their children. They can be very loyal, and generous friends, who quickly become firm, unshakable forces of emotional support for those they are devoted to. Yet, despite their very affectionate and even-tempered nature, they can... on occasion, explode into violent, ferocious outbursts losing all sense of self-control if pushed beyond their limits' end. Beware the bull's temper! Their inner spiritual sense longs for earthly harmony, strong community, and wholesomeness, and many Taureans may, unsurprisingly, have a strong, sometimes unconventional, religious faith. If they can overcome their occasional self-righteousness, and the temptation towards overindulgence, Taureans can become truly inspirational, pillars of strength.