Monday, December 21, 2015

Starlight Capricorn: December 21 ~ January 20

Capricornians are resourceful, dependent and stable individuals with calm, hardworking natures. Unfortunately, they are often accused of being far too serious or humorless. In truth, however, they are merely methodical traditionalists with an unyielding view of the world and of their place in it. Capricornians are almost universally renowned for their tenacious, intense persevering willpower that will continue to push them forward for as long as necessary (and possible) in order to achieve their personal goals or life ambitions.

Capricornians are the rocks upon which all things can be built. Their actions are almost always driven by an honest and sincere commitment to discipline and unusually high standards. Many Capricornians make excellent, dedicated and ethical employees, who are often drawn to mathematical or financial careers. They have a deep respect for disciplined authority, but ironically, can often be over-demanding (yet still fair-minded) when in positions of authority themselves.

Capricornians are very loyal in all their relationships, but also very cautious. Initially, they will usually test friends and potential lovers long before committing themselves to any relationship for the long-term. More often than not, Capricornians will faithfully marry for life. Unfortunately, even the most disciplined Capricornian can fall prey to this sign's notorious mood swings. They have often too been accused of being excessively conservative, reserved, or even pessimistic. Despite their rational, and often clear-headed natures, depression and inconsolable misery can take a powerful hold on the extreme members of this Zodiacal sign.