Monday, June 22, 2015

Starlight Cancer: June 22 ~ July 22

The Cancerian personality can range from timid, shy, and withdrawn to brilliant, purposeful, and even inspiring. Despite the fact that outwardly a typical Cancerian may appear to be somewhat unemotional and uncompromising... the truth is very different. Cancerians are actually very sympathetic and highly sensitive to other people and their situations, especially those they love and cherish.

Cancerians are extremely emotional and sentimental, and are very often easily ruled by their hearts. They love unreservedly, often giving much and asking for (or expecting) little in return. Unfortunately, they can be too readily influenced by those they admire, and overwhelmed by the emotions of a given moment as a result. Their loving and trusting natures can make them more susceptible to outside influences and manipulation than the average individual.

Most Cancerians tend to have a near-flawless retentive memory for emotional events, and too often find themselves reliving the past, or lost in a romantic idyllic fantasy. They must learn to balance this part of themselves, or they risk being governed by it. Disappointment can easily throw them into long periods of lethargy and self-pity. Cancerians need to learn how to love with a open heart, but also keep their sword and shield nearby... just in case things don't go so well.

They are very often drawn to dark and mysterious comfortable "den-like" or "nest-like" homes that offer a secure retreat from the daily stresses of life. Because of their deep home-loving nature, some Cancerians can occasionally be unexpectedly conservative in their thinking, though not rigidly so. They are deeply appreciative of the arts and literature, especially those from eras past, or works that appear to possess a type of timelessness. It is not surprising then that many Cancerians possess considerable literary, artistic, or oratorical talent themselves.