Monday, August 24, 2015

Starlight Virgo: August 24 ~ September 23

Virgo is the only Zodiacal sign almost always represented as female. Regardless of their gender, however, almost all Virgoans possess an observant, patient, shrewd and creative nature. Members of this sign can also be highly intellectual, analytical, and methodical. It often said that, "Virgoans are still waters that run deep", because they can expertly hide any insecurity under a disarmingly cheerful wit and reserved disposition. They often internalize or conceal a great deal of intensity and emotion, despite being outwardly viewed as considerably charming and highly social beings. They will rarely give their trust freely or easily to others, and ironically, some do not possess sufficient confidence in themselves or their own faculties.

Virgoans are perfectionists in all they do. Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are their hallowed hallmarks. They excel at vocations that require the use of their hands and a quick, creative mind, especially in the arts and sciences. They are excellent money-managers, and many will find themselves working as accountants or with financial institutions. Their faults, as is usual with all Zodiacal types, lay in the extremes of their virtues. They have an excellent unerring eye for the small details in life, but can be so meticulous in their execution of a given strategy, that they fail to see, or even acknowledge the often larger issues directly in front of them. Extremely worrisome Virgoans may even be guilty of over-dramatically turning molehills of minor difficulties into insurmountable Himalayas of crisis. Balanced moderation is the key to this sign's success.

Virgoans "attention to detail" exists for a reason. More than any other sign, they were born to help and serve others. If they can productively harness and master that trait's energy, their lives could be filled with great joy and personal fulfillment.