Friday, May 22, 2015

Starlight Gemini: May 22 ~ June 21

As one of the most complex members of the Zodiac family, the Gemini's true nature has often been a source of great debate and even greater frustration. Are they pillars of virtue and enviable versatility, or restless and elusive scoundrels? In truth, they are both and they are neither.

The imaginative and dual-natured Gemini is a talkative, multifaceted soul that consistently needs new interests, projects and pursuits to keep themselves occupied. Though ironically, they often tire quickly of the labor and routine required to see many of their ambitious projects through to the end. They can be very intriguing companions, and engaging conversationalists who readily embrace new challenges and ideas. Geminis are brilliant, but fickle intellectuals— firm decision-making does not come easily for this sign, and is often a source of great conflict for poor Gemini!

Since they are usually light-hearted and flirtatious, Geminis are often accused of being superficial, and somewhat apathetic in regards to the feelings of others. While that may appear so to an outsider, that can actually be a very unfair and erroneous assessment of Gemini's nature. It's rarely personal. Unfortunately, a true Gemini takes very little seriously, including danger which they fearlessly confront with their typical dispassionate, rational logic.

Geminis are natural chameleons. While many are authentically affectionate, courteous, and generous; they will also always remain expert manipulators. The worst among them can devolve into unscrupulous liars, thieves and even adepts in the black arts. Self-interest will almost always be the victor in their life-long moral struggles, and their mastery over language and speech coupled with their love of diplomacy only serves to enhance their cunning evasiveness.