Saturday, February 20, 2016

Starlight Pisces: February 20 ~ March 20

Pisceans are the gentle and generous hearts of the Zodiac. Their compassionate and empathic personalities will often and easily draw others to their side.They live by their emotions more than any other sign, readily following the ebb and flow of the tide of their lives. They will honestly and wholeheartedly accept others and the circumstances around them as they are, and offer freely of their affection and good humor to those they cherish.

They are usually very creative and imaginative, and the gentle Piscean often swims in a surreal world governed by their daydreams and fantasy. They disdain confinement and unyielding discipline, and many members of this Zodiacal sign will possess a powerful mental wanderlust throughout their whole lives. Pisceans will usually gravitate towards quiet careers, where they can work on their own, or in smaller

intimate groups.

Compassionate Pisceans will often dwell more on the troubles of others, than their own. It would, therefore, not be surprising to find that many Pisceans are drawn to working with or for charitable institutions. Their strong love of the arts, and deep appreciation for beauty and luxury may even pull some Pisceans onto the theatrical stage. It should also not be surprising to discover that the Piscean's deep empathy can appear to others to be almost mediumistic in nature, propelling some members of this sign to follow an unconventional metaphysical calling.

Ideally, Pisceans thrive in relationships that are more intellectual or spiritual than physical. Their sympathetic and trusting natures can be prone to being mislead by the unscrupulous, and the gentle delicate Pisceans should learn to exercise greater caution in matters of their own hearts.