Monday, July 23, 2012


I officially retired my blog on July 6th of this year (2012) with the entry, "Where Have All The Good Men Gone...". Though I had tried once before to start another blog here at Blogspot, I don't think I ever actually gave it as much of an effort as I truly could or should have. Or perhaps I did, and life's little random bits of chaos just got in the way... again. Regardless, I have begun to miss the occasional arrogant spewing of my tendrils into the blogverse (that sounded a little dirty).
Although I have, as of yet, no true goal or direction set in stone for this new little blogling, I can promise that there will be horoscopes (on occasion), book, movie and app reviews (on occasion), my usual crude level of sarcasm (fairly often), and a lot of shameless self-promotion, to be sure.

In fact...

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