Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lady Navarre

It's hard for me to be unbiased when talking about Narcisse Navarre and her work. After all, we've been best friends for just over two decades now. (Did I just really admit my true age out loud?) It goes without saying that I have always admired her talents, but it's the unshakable strength of her character and that damned Aries' determination to never be outdone that truly make her a creative force to be reckoned with. To be completely frank, I have very often wished I had the ability to captivate a room or a conversation the way she seems to so effortlessly be able to do. Her grace and charm can be quite lethal to the heart of an unwary man... Gentlemen, you've been warned.

I have always considered myself a "vampire-purist". Bloodsuckers should not sparkle. Ever. "An Endless Hunger" by Narcisse Navarre harkens back to the time when the literary genre of vampires was indeed about the monster within and not what they wore. "An Endless Hunger" is, unquestionably, the bloodthirsty tale of a monster, a predator, and the madness that has consumed him for a blur of innumerable nights. 

Narcisse Navarre's controversial erotic novel, "The Olive Grove" weaves a seductive dreamworld that few authors are bold enough to give their readers. Narcisse takes you on a sensual journey full of satyrs, sex and forbidden desires, as Gia, the unwary protagonist, surrenders herself to the pleasures of one juicy taboo after another. Pick up "The Olive Grove", and get ready to toss aside whatever fragile inhibitions you may have possessed. After all, you're going to lose them all anyway...

(On a side note, I honestly never knew there were so many words that meant "vagina". Reading "The Olive Grove" pretty much answered all the questions this gay man ever had about heterosexual sex.)


  1. Thank you Robert. I am truly humbled. I had to get really creative with all those juicy words synonymous for a woman's privates–so glad someone appreciated it! <3 you!

    1. My blog-editing skills are little rusty. LOL. I just tweaked the review a bit more this morning.