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Marge Simpson Bouvier

"Treehouse of Horror VIII" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons' ninth season and first aired on the Fox network on October 26, 1997. In the eighth annual Treehouse of Horror episode, Homer Simpson is the last man left alive when a neutron bomb destroys Springfield until a gang of mutants come after him, Homer buys a transporter that Bart uses to switch bodies with a housefly, and Marge is accused of witchcraft in a Puritan rendition of Springfield in 1649.

Treehouse of Horror: The Bouvier Sisters
"Easy-Bake Coven"
In 1649, the town of Springfield is witness to many witch burnings. In the church, the townspeople try to figure out whom to condemn next. People start accusing one another and soon chaos erupts, until Marge Simpson attempts to intervene. She tries to talk sense into the townspeople, but Moe accuses her of being a witch. Mayor Quimby assures her that she is entitled to due process which means she will be thrown off a cliff with a broomstick; if she is a witch she will be able to fly to safety, in which case the authorities expect her to report back for punishment. If she is not a witch, then she will fall to an honorable Christian death. Lisa tries to speak on her mother's behalf, but Marge gets shoved off the cliff regardless. 

The townspeople are shocked to see that a green-skinned Marge is now flying on a broomstick revealing  that she really is a witch, and naturally, of course,... an evil one. She returns to her elder sisters, Patty and Selma, in their secluded mountain lair. The Bouvier Sisters watch Ned and Maude Flanders talking about how the witches eat children, which gives them the wicked notion to do just that. They knock on the Flanders' door and demand their sons. Before they leave, Maude offers the them gingerbread men instead. The witches seem to like these better than the children, and let Rod and Todd go. They proceed to go from house to house, getting goodies in exchange for not eating the children (though they already actually had eaten some beforehand). As the witches fly off, the Sea Captain explains that that is how the tradition of Halloween and trick-or-treating actually got started. 

The scene then jumps to the following year in the same town where everyone is dressed in costumes. Homer and several others are egging a house for not opening the door, before Lisa points out that it's actually their own house, making everyone laugh. Homer then accuses her of being a witch, and proceeds to chase her off into the moonlight...

The Simpsons: Tapped Out ~ Witch Marge
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