Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Steve Newlin

Steven Newlin, generally referred to in short as Steve Newlin, was a recurring character on True Blood. Played by actor Michael McMillian, Steve was a recently turned vampire, and spokesman of the American Vampire League. The son of anti-vampire advocate Theodore Newlin, he initially continued his father's work after the murder of his entire family, causing him to serve as the secondary antagonist of the series' second season. He was a fanatic and a firm believer that vampires were 'ungodly creatures' who knew no 'humanity'. However, after becoming a vampire himself, he seemed to relish his new undead status.

Newlin was first presented as somewhat of a well-spoken man with a friendly disposition that, while a little odd at times, is altogether cheerful. However, as the series progresses, we see that most of this is a front for his hatred for what happened to him and his family. He is shown to be unstable and unhinged beneath his amiable facade. As a vampire, this tendency seems even more pronounced.

Steven Newlin (portrayed by Michael McMillian)
Like virtually all members of the Fellowship of the Sun, Newlin was a Christian zealot who openly demonized vampires. This is difficult to evaluate, as most of the vampires in the show really are fairly evil, while even the "nice" ones like Jessica are guilty of crimes that would earn any human the death sentence. But as most humans don't seem to realize that vampires have no real regard for human law, have their own government, and condone killing, its possible that his opinion is just prejudice. His inflammatory speeches earned him much criticism. After being changed into a vampire himself, his viewpoint changed dramatically. He now relishes in being a vampire and has stated that his faith as a Christian has been strengthened due to his new status. Newlin is also gay and is attracted to Jason Stackhouse and later to Russell Edgington, whose death devastated him. It is obvious, however, that he will sell out anyone when it comes to saving his own skin as he reveals all the vampires secrets from the knowledge he acquired while working for the authority to the vampire death camp run by Truman Burrell and his ex wife Sarah Newlin.

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