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Jessica Hamby

Jessica Hamby is a major character in the series True Blood. Played by starring cast member Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica first appeared in the series' first season and remained a prominent character through the series' second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. Born in 1991, and turned in 2008, Jessica is a young vampire and the progeny of Bill Compton. She was turned as decreed by the vampire Magister, in reparation for Bill's murder of Longshadow, a fellow vampire.

Jessica was raised in a strict and devout Christian family in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jessica and her younger sister Eden were home schooled by their parents. They where not allowed to go out and only went to Bible study and clarinet lessons. Jessica's father would often beat Jessica with his belt to punish her for any faults in her chores or behavior. Jessica's mother was oblivious to this abuse, which Jessica attributed to her mother's "stupidness". Jessica resented the restrictions of her life dearly and secretly developed a rebellious attitude to her father's dominance.

When she became a vampire, she began to explore different feelings and became more open to the world around her. She proves to be deeply insightful at times while showing her naivety at others. Though she's a teenager physically, she is able to mature and grow. She has dealt with traumas like losing her first love (Hoyt) and her family, as well as the violence specific to her circumstances as a newly turned young vampire.
Jessica Hamby (portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll)
Jessica's religious upbringing still resonates within her. She does not live according to her human parent's standards but when Bill appeared to have become more powerful and shared his dystopian vision regarding many vampire's fate, Jessica among them, she began to pray. Jessica has openly admitted on many occasions that she likes feeding on humans and generally detests True Blood, but she is a supporter of the Mainstreaming cause. Her first uncontrolled attempt to feed on a human resulted in his death, but she takes greater care not to injure the humans she feeds on now. The only other times she has killed while feeding were either in combat (such as one of Russell Edgington's werewolves) or when she lost control around Andy Bellefleur's half-fae daughters due to the scent of their hybrid blood.

Jessica feels remorse for the death of Andy's halfling daughters she caused. Even though she is a young vampire prone to blood lust and drawn to fairy blood, she is not ruthless. Like her maker, she tries hard to hold on to her humanity.

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