Monday, January 6, 2014

Horoscopes: 01.06.14

Aries: March 21 - April 20
Greet the New Year with enthusiasm, because it's prepared to bring you a basket of goodies... starting with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Taurus: April 21 - May 21
A year of rebirth and restructure, lies ahead. You can profit greatly if you keep your eyes open for those subtle opportunities.

Gemini: May 22 - June 21
Energy. Power. Faith. Determination. Courage. Compassion. Honesty. Wisdom. The keys to success are not as unattainable as you have been imagining. In fact, you already possess them.

Cancer: June 22 - July 22
The best gifts come in the smallest boxes... or the sincerest advice. Make sure to say "Thank You", and mean it.

Leo: July 23 - August 22
This is not the time to sit back and be lazy. So much is headed your way, but you are going to have to get off your ass to get it.

Virgo: August 23 - September 22
Happy New Year, bitch.

Libra: September 23 - October 23
It seems the greatest words of wisdom are often spoken after a few beers. So are the deepest confessions of truth. You've kept too much inside for so long. Don't "bottle up" your sentiments any longer.

Scorpio: October 24 - November 22
Don't judge "The New" by "The Old". The events of your past are only the hammer and chisel. It takes heart, intuition, and faith to create a true masterpiece that will last forever.

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 21
You've sacrificed a lot of yourself for others. You have put aside what you really feel just in an attempt to shield the feelings of another. Is it an inner sense of nobility that drives you or a fear of opening your mouth? A little selfishness does not a villain make.

Capricorn: December 22 - January 20
"Nothing turns out the way I want it", "Everything I touch crumbles to ashes", "I Hate my life". When someone asks, "What's wrong?" they don't necessarily want to really know.

Aquarius: January 21 - February 19
Start off the new year with a vacation. Getting away is a great way to recharge those dried-up batteries.

Pisces: February 20 - March 20
"Step 1" is easy. It's the "What do I do know?" that always brings up issues. Your instinct has guided you this far. Maybe it's time to let go of some that "Got to have a plan" mentality, and swim free.

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