Sunday, April 28, 2013

All That Glitters...

41st Annual New Jersey Earth Science Association Gem & Mineral Show
27-28 April 2013: Franklin, New Jersey
After a quick breakfast over at Tick Tock Diner, Brighton and I spent the better part of the early afternoon over at this year's Gem & Mineral Show. Thankfully it was a gorgeous day, because most of the booths were set up outdoors. This is actually only the second mineral show I've ever been to, but I have quickly come to understand just how overwhelming they can be. There's literally stuff everywhere. Some vendors' booths are so over-cluttered with gems and crystals that it's next to impossible to really appreciate what's for sale. Now while it's always nice to come across a truly knowledable salesman, I just "love" the ones who spew out obviously fabricated nonsense about how each and every specific crystal in their inventory was unearthed. I mean really... how many "rare one-of-a-kind finds" are going to be unexpectedly unearthed by a group of Mexican miners who were drilling for materials used to create lenses for submarine periscopes? Really? My personal favorite, however, was the guy popping pain pills and eating a chicken wing who was selling chunks of broken glass from discontinued vases. Glass. Broken glass. Chunks... of... it.

My sarcasm aside, we did manage to find a few beautiful treasures though, but spent a little bit more in the process than I had honestly expected we would. We also met up with my witchy-rific friend, TarotVision, her husband and their munchkin to exchange some very overdue hugs and smiles. Yes, "witchy-rific " is a word.

Here's a picture of (and a little info on) the Titanium Quartz Pendant I fell in love with, and absolutely had to have.

Titanium Quartz Pendant
Titanium Quartz
Rainbow Titanium Quartz is the name given to natural Quartz crystals which have gone through a special treatment process. The raw crystals are cleaned, heated and placed in a vacuum chamber, where they are exposed to Titanium vapors. Titanium molecules are bonded to the Quartz by the natural electro-static charge of the crystal. The amazing colours created by this process are permanent and will neither rub off nor fade.

Supposedly, because the colours are produced by blending natural substances with a natural affinity, and not by a dye, the crystal's metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed. Rainbow Titanium Quartz is an excellent stone for creativity, both removing blockages to creativity and enhancing creative powers. An intensely visual stone, it promotes clairvoyance and all forms of "seeing". Titanium Quartz is very energizing on all levels, and can awaken all seven chakras, the energy centers of the body. It is said to increase zest and enjoyment of life, and to dispel sadness.

Because my OCD needed a distraction on Sunday morning, I decided to give all my gems and crystals (old and new) a good witchy cleansing. I also reorganized their placement around the house, making sure each room now had its own little batch of sparklies...

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