Saturday, October 24, 2015

Starlight Scorpio: October 24 ~ November 22

Like a dormant volcano, Scorpios conceal an unbelievable amount of intense emotional energy under a thin veil of self control and detachment. They can be very powerful, intense, and deeply profound individuals with piercing eyes and charismatic, magnetic personalities. Yet despite their immense willpower and tenacious nature, they are unexpectedly sensitive and easily moved by their emotions. The watchful, cool composure of a Scorpio can quickly and without warning, change into one of swift aggression when the need arises. Beware the Scorpion's sting... for it is full of a strong venom! Their anger will often find its expression in violent, destructive speech or action.

Somehow, despite being often critical of their associates and contemporaries, Scorpios do and can make excellent, loyal friendships. Scorpios also make passionate, unparalleled lovers... or have no acceptable excuse if they're not! They are the most sensually energetic, and sexually charged of all the Zodiacal signs. For the true Scorpio, sex and passion can be an emotional, intellectual, spiritual and even a mystical experience. 

Many Scorpios have highly intuitive and imaginative personas. Their keen minds love to solve problems and unravel complicated mysteries. It is not unusual then to find them often drawn to careers that require sharp, critical thinking. Scorpios are fearless, and can be unintentionally overbearing when pursuing their own agendas. They refuse to lose. They are hard-working and tenacious with a curious, but often very stubborn streak. Regardless of whatever hurtles or obstacles they may face in life, Scorpios never crumble because they are incredibly resourceful, and have tremendous regenerative powers (much like the literal Scorpion, which can lose its tail and promptly grow a new one).

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