Monday, April 14, 2014

Gratitude Journaling

Our days get flooded so easily with bits of nonsense that it's no wonder that so many people struggle with that gnawing feeling of lack. Stress. Depression. Grey. I usually call it "feeling grey". Black is elegant. Blue is beautiful. Not everyone can wear red. Purple is magical. No one should wear yellow. Ever. Green is hope and truth. Orange is full of energy, but grey... grey is a feeling. Grey is a lack of all of that, as though the clouds exist just above your head... your own personal rainstorm. Hurricane You. Ironically, I'm fond of hurricanes and thunderstorms and grey days. There can be moments of peace in grey, but I don't think we are meant to dwell in grey for too long. I like blues and purples, but you'll usually find me in black. It's slimming.

I'm a big fan of Gratitude Journals. I think they can work wonders on the psyche, especially if our default setting is grey. I don't actually keep a physical one, though perhaps I should. I've always loved those little Moleskin notebooks. I wouldn't need anything fancy. I keep my list in my head, and whenever the grey starts lingering too long, I read it too myself to bring back in a little color...

Things I Am Grateful For:
1. Brighton, my lover, best friend and husband (blue)
2. Baxter, our Jack Russel Terrier (orange)
3. Beamer, our beautiful old dog who crossed over in 2013, who I will miss forever (white)
4. My friends (most of which fluctuate between blue, green, purple and orange)
5. My family (most of them are grey to me now, but my nieces are green and red)
6. My intelligence, wit, sarcasm and modesty ~smirk~ (blue... sometimes purple)
7. My creative nature and versatility (blue, purple and green)
8. My spirituality (definitely purple)
9. My immortal inner child (green)
10. Food, shelter and clothing (green)
11. Employment (currently a little grey... needs to be made blue and green)

What color wears you?

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