Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LEGO: Lord Vampyre

Lord Vampyre is the evil ruler of the Monster Realms, along with his Bride. He originally planned to give his spooky moonstone to his beloved wife, but soon unearthed its true power, and built a contraption that would be able to eclipse the sun forever. Once he succeeds, all the monsters will be able to roam freely in throughout all the LEGO realms. With the power of his own moonstone, he was able to take control of all the other monsters, and made them retrieve the remaining 5 moonstones. Lord Vampyre owns a loyal zombie henchman, the Zombie Driver, and an army of man-sized bats who protect his castle. He owns a Hearse, as well as the Haunted House, which is home to his Monster Butler, the Zombie Chef, and 2 Ghosts. Lord Vampyre is constantly fighting the Monster Fighters, particularly Dr. Rodney Rathbone, for possession of the moonstones and will stop at nothing to complete his plan.

Lord Vampyre
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