Saturday, October 11, 2014

Andreas Tanis

Andreas Tanis is a cowardly Vampire of considerable age placed in exile by the order of Viktor, one of the Vampire Elders. He is portrayed in Underworld: Evolution and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans by English actor, Steven Mackintosh.

Andreas Tanis (portrayed by Steven Mackintosh)
During Viktor's reign, Tanis acts as notary during meetings of the first Vampire Council and is often tasked with locating Viktor's headstrong daughter, Sonja. During one of his trips to find Sonja, he discovers she is having an affair with a Lycan servant named Lucian. Instead of informing Viktor, he warns Lucian to not give it away, making the Lycan aware that he knows. When confronted by Sonja, Tanis admits he remains silent simply for his own benefit and agrees to aid the lovers in exchange for Sonja's seat on the council. He gives the imprisoned Lucian a key to the shackles preventing him from transforming into his wolf form.

Things spiral out of control when Viktor learns of the affair and condemns both Sonja and Lucian to death, sparking a war between the Vampire and Lycan species. After the death of Sonja, Lucian escapes his fate and returns with a horde of both Lycans and Werewolves, whom he uses to defeat the Coven and drive away the remaining Vampires. As Viktor prepares to face the Lycan horde with his Death Dealers, he orders Tanis to take the other two Elders to safety. Tanis and the three Elders leave what is now Lucian's castle by ship.

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