Monday, October 27, 2014

Salome Agrippa

Salome Agrippa was a vampire that was nearly 2,000 years of age and The Guardian of the Authority. She was a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent, commonly known for her "Dance of the Seven Veils". She was the main antagonist for Season 5 of HBO's True Blood.

Though Salome laments being painted as seductress and femme fatale she does nothing but confirm this view of her. Given her age, Salome is one of the world's oldest and strongest vampires, yet still resorts to using sexual wiles to obtain what she wants. She became lovers with Roman Zimojic and soon after was named his second in command in The Authority. When it became clear that Roman would never meet the Sanguinistas halfway, Salome plotted to get rid of him. Rather than simply kill the vampire 1,500 years her junior, Salome used Russell Edgington to do the deed. Even after 2,000 years Salome still resents her mother for using her to obtain more power. She doesn't hesitate however in manipulating others like Bill Compton in her own quest for greatness. Salome is also somewhat megalomaniacal - never doubting for an instant that she was Lilith's chosen prophetess, which ultimately sealed her fate. She was also hopelessly naive in believing that freeing Russell would make him her 'lapdog' and not question her Guardianship, even though he was 1,000 years her senior. Having had millennia to better herself, Salome showed herself as bloodthirsty as any newborn vampire; viewing humans as little more than sustenance. Salome was also a fervent fanatic: vampires were of the night by extension, the fae were abominations since their blood allows vampires to daywalk.

Salome Agrippa (portrayed by Valentina Cervi)
and Roman Zimojic (portrayed by Christopher Meloni)
Since Salome was ancient at the time she was introduced in the show, it is impossible to tell whether her character had a more friendly attitude towards humans and vampires alike. She was undeniably corrupted to some degree by the consumption of Lillith's blood. 

Salome Agrippa was a Judean princess and contemporary of Jesus Christ. Her mother Herodias divorced Salome's father Herod II in order to wed his brother Herod Antipas. When John the Baptist denounced the royal couple as incestuous Herodias orchestrated his death. She was well aware that her new husband had a fondness for teenage virgins and thus used her own young daughter to bend Herod Antipas to her will. Salome was delivered to her uncle wrapped in scarfs and what they did in the bedchamber could be interpreted as a dance. This act give rise to the legend of the Dance of the Seven Veils. Salome quickly found her self vilified by her own people. Even though she was a victim of her mother's lust for power and nothing but a political pawn her reputation was forever ruined. Salome would be  remembered throughout the histories as the original femme fatale 'a symbol of dangerous female sexuality'.

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