Saturday, October 25, 2014

Franklin Mott

Franklin Mott was a recurring character who served as a secondary antagonist in Season 3 of True Blood. He comes to Bon Temps working undercover, becomes fascinated with Tara Thornton and kidnaps her. 

Franklin Mott (portrayed by James Frain)
Originating from London, England, Franklin is the vampire that is reliable to have a job done. His price is high, but his skills are more than worth it. Officially a 'private eye', he also specializes in kidnapping. He has no qualms about killing other species, be it vampire, werewolf, or fairy. However, whoever hires Franklin might mean they may end up paying a little more than they bargained for: Franklin has a terrible weakness for women and an even worse track record with them. Franklin often leaves behind a mess and it's more often than not an awfully big mess. Franklin doesn't hold much regard for the vampire hierarchy. He's loyal only to his employer, and even that only extends so far. He has no fear for Kings, Queens, or the American Vampire League. Besides, no one dares to report Franklin's misdeeds. His psychosis is unstable at the best of times, particularly when it comes to women. He can get insanely jealous. Although a mercenary for hire, Franklin is disliked by so many that he works almost exclusively for Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi.

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