Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spring White Tea Party 2013

Once again, I am a "little" late in posting an update about "an adventure". In June, I attended's annual Spring White Tea Party. It's their second event I've gone to. Two problems... (a) despite being a Sagittarius, I'm a bit of a social introvert, and (b) do you really think I own anything white? LOL. Brighton couldn't go with me this year, but I found a surrogate for his ticket pretty quick. This year's event included a few readings by some of the hostess' friends, including Robert Godden, author of The Infusiast, from The Devotea

I was especially looking forward to this year's event, because I had put together a little something for the hostess. She and I had worked together for a few years, and like my former boss from my early days at the Village Voice, that were just "something" about her that lent itself to caricature very easily. I presented her with a signed print of "Our Lady of Tea".

The divine Ms. J and I at the Spring White Tea Party 2013

Our Lady of Tea
Inspired by a friend's love and passion for tea, Roberto Mendoza has added a very special diva to the "Simply Divine" line-up. As the tea-aficionado's graceful muse and guardian, Our Lady of Tea brings with her an enchanting and irresistible aura of serenity to any friendly gathering (not to mention a generous supply of tea, as well!). A percentage of the proceeds from Our Lady of Tea will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation by the artist. 

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