Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hoboken Art & Music Festival 2013

Hoboken Art & Music Festival
May 5, 2013

Over 300 Artists, Crafters, Photographers, Sculptors, Local Businesses, Restaurants, Food Vendors, local non-profits & more...

Ok... I realize I'm a little late in posting this up. LOL. Brighton and I hit the Hoboken Art & Music Festival earlier this month, and although we didn't hang around the music stages very much, we did get to see almost the entire faire. It was a gorgeous day, and the festival got a lot of traffic. I'm actually looking into maybe setting up a booth next year for my "Simply Divine" series if I can get a few more of them done.

Here's a list of some of show's best:
Custom Ceramic Art (
Garden Gothic (
James Polisky (
Jersey City Urban Art Program (
La Muse Kalliope (
Nick Jodice (
Nolenz Volenz (
SepiaLepus Illustrations (
The Secret Life of Toys (