Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Surviving Sandy

One of my co-workers finally gets a hurricane named after her, and it's a frankenstorm that shuts down the east coast. We lost power for almost ten days. Yet despite those really cold nights, we never lost sight of how fortunate we really were. Our house survived fairly unscathed, and we've only had to clean up a stray branch or two from the yard. I've been out of work for two weeks, but the office finally opened back up yesterday. Normalcy is slowly creeping back into our lives, and I am beyond grateful for that.

My temporary new commute route into New York yesterday was dreadful, though: Yesterday's Commute. Luckily, I was not involved in any of those accidents, but I was caught in the "after shock" of them. I didn't make it into work until 10am. >suckage< ~ >major suckage< Today's commute, was thankfully uneventful... a normal day... in a normal life.

Now to get some coffee...